A huge thank you to campus community from Western's advising and orientation programs

On behalf of the New Student Services/Family Outreach and Academic Advising Center staff, we offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the hundreds of campus partners we’ve worked with during our summer and fall advising and orientation programs. The commitment of so many staff, faculty, and student leaders to create a wonderful welcome for new students and their family members helped make all our sessions run smoothly.

We’ve already received many thank-you notes and appreciative stories from new students and family members for their experiences during Transitions, Summerstart, and Fall Advising & Orientation.  This year was a record-setting year for program attendance, and it was definitely a collective effort!

Thank you for offering academic advising, presenting workshops, early morning catering deliveries, facilities set-up, tech and communications support, printing services, space management, housing accommodations, food service, and general enthusiasm, encouragement and support….and the list goes on!

Cheers to a great summer and fall season and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you!


Thank you!

Ronna Biggs, program director, New Student Services/Family Outreach

Meagan Bryson, assistant director, Advising Services, Academic Advising Center