10 'neighborliness' tips for off-campus students

Here are 10 quick tips from Western's Off Campus Living office on how to be a better neighbor:

  1. Park only in designated spots; don’t block your neighbors in or park on lawns or sidewalks.
  2. Keep your yard free from litter, junk and "free" piles. After a party or a windstorm, do a quick cleanup of your property. Your neighbors will love it!
  3. Dispose of your unwanted household items by taking them to charity or selling them online so they can find a new home. Items left out for ‘free’ just get soaked with rain and end up in the dump.
  4. Be respectful of your neighbors. Let them know you’re having a get-together and exchange contact info so they can let you know if it gets too rowdy.
  5. When walking through neighborhoods at night or early in the morning, make sure you keep your noise to a reasonable level so as not to wake your sleeping neighbors.
  6. Bellingham has a round-the-clock noise ordinance; you can be cited for violating it day or night if your noise can be heard on the neighboring property.
  7. Knock on your neighbors’ doors and introduce yourself.
  8. Say ‘Hello’ or smile at your neighbors when you see them.
  9. Join in neighborhood activities like neighborhood association meetings, picnics, or clean-ups.
  10. Offer to help your neighbors with yard work and chores. They might return the favor!

For more information on living off campus visit Western’s Off Campus Living Website at https://offcampusliving.wwu.edu/