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These versions of the Western Washington University logo are in .png format, with transparency, and are sized for web, e-mail and presentation use. These images are not to be used in print or altered in any way. Print versions of the Western logo are available for download here.

The Western logo consists of two elements—the type, which is the name of the university, and the graphic representation of Mount Baker and water. Whenever possible, use the logo in full color. Never change the color or font, screen black, add a shadow, add a symbol or stretch or rotate the logo.

Downloading instructions

To download the logo pack, click the link below. After the "print logos.zip" file is downloaded, unzip the file to begin using the 10 included logos. Windows users also can right-click on the file and select "Explore" to view the files.

For more information about the use of these images, contact the Office of University Communications at (360) 650-3350.

Web logo pack (ZIP)
(85.24 KB)

This zipped folder contains two versions of the Western logo ready for the Web: four sizes of the full-color logo on a transparent background and three sizes of the white logo with Bay Blue waves on a transparent background. NOTE: The white logo with Bay Blue waves must be used on a blue background, and the dominant color of any page on which this version of the logo is used must be Western Blue.

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