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Naming and branding your social media presence


When naming your social media presence, be clear in identifying your unit as a part of Western Washington University. All names should begin with "Western Washington University," "Western" or "WWU," as in "WWU Admissions" or "Western Libraries." It would be incorrect to title your account "Accounts Payable at WWU," "Accounts Payable - Western Washington University" or simply "Accounts Payable."

Keep in mind that most social media services limit name length. Choose a name that best identifies your unit while still adhering to these guidelines.

Examples of correct usage for Facebook pages:

Examples of correct usage for Twitter accounts:

Clearly identify your unit, avoiding names that might be confused as representing all of WWU or a unit other than your own.

Social media sites at the university should be marked as official in some way (for example, in a Twitter bio or in the Facebook "about" section).


The image associated with your page or account may be the official logo of your unit or an image closely associated with your unit, such as the building in which your unit is located. You also may use the official WWU logo provided that your name adequately distinguishes your unit from any other unit and from the university itself.

These name and image conventions apply to all social media services, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. WWU's current brand guidelines are continually being updated, so keep an eye on Brand Central for the latest information.

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