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DATE: April 1, 2008 3:25:06 PM PDT
"Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings," 1977-78
© Nancy Holt

Brown Mountain Stone, 10'h. with outer ring 40' d. and inner ring 20' d. Siting was critical to Nancy Holt's work, which is tied to the terrain of this campus, the natural beauty of the Northwest and to Bellingham as a seaport community. Previous to Western's work, Holt had designed work which aligned itself to the sun. At Western her rock enclosure is mapped on earth according to the celestial layout of the north star; that is, the four arches, running north and south, are calculated from the north star which is used by coastal navigators. The circular holes referring to points on the compass give a more horizontal direction out onto the landscape. Photo credit: David Scherrer
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