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DATE: March 3, 2008 1:29:38 PM PST
Woodring College Receives Sustainability Education Grant

Woodring Receives Sustainability Education Grant

Contact: Irene Hinkle, Program Coordinator, Woodring College of Education, (360) 650-3370 or Irene.Hinkle@wwu.edu.

BELLINGHAM - Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education has received a grant from the Russell Family Foundation to fund research into strategies for including education for sustainability in the pre-service preparation of teachers.

The $139,000 grant will fund a new project, Sustainability Education for New Teachers, created in partnership with Facing the Future: People and the Planet, a nonprofit curriculum-development organization based in Seattle.

Victor Nolet, associate professor of Secondary Education at Woodring, will direct WWU's work on the project. Faculty from three other departments in the college will also participate.  The project's total budget is estimated at $319,000, including the work that will be completed by Facing the Future.

The creation of the program comes shortly after the state's Professional Educator Standards Board approved a new standard for teacher-education programs that requires graduates to be able to prepare their K-12 students to be "responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected and diverse society."

According to Nolet, this is an opportune moment to identify proven sustainability education strategies that can be integrated into teacher education programs in Washington, and to eventually implement the findings on the regional and national scale.

For more information, please contact Irene Hinkle, of WWU's Woodring College of Education at (360) 650-3370 or Irene.Hinkle@wwu.edu.

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