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Oslapas, Arunas
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Arunas Oslapas

Arunas Oslapas, a professor of industrial design in the engineering technology department, leads his students in creating innovative solutions to everyday problems. Demonstrating their ability to blend art with technology, his students have regularly provided creative directions to industry and have collaborated with several business clients, including Microsoft, Boeing, Trek Bicycles and Cascade Designs. Oslapas received the Mayor’s Art Award this year for art education and leadership. His M.F.A. is from the University of Illinois.

Mind Mapping: Getting the Most from Your Brain

Our minds think in pictures, but we speak in words. This pattern immediately creates a conflict in communicating ideas. Join Arunas Oslapas in an exercise with “mind mapping,” a brainstorming process originated by Tony Buzan of the Learning Methods Group in England. Mind mapping was designed to overcome some of the obstacles to creativity and developing new ways of thinking that we experience. You will see how mind mapping can be used to solve problems, generate quantities of ideas, and organize presentations. Mind mapping can help anyone faced with making business presentations, developing creative solutions or sorting through difficult personal decisions.

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