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DATE: September 28, 2012 10:22:37 AM PDT
Western's Academy for Lifelong Learning Offers Fall Slate of Enrichment Opportunities

Contact: Alisyn Maggiora, program manager, Western Washington University Extended Education, (360) 650-3717 or alisyn.maggiora@wwu.edu.

BELLINGHAM – The Academy for Lifelong Learning, supported through Western Washington University, provides mature adults with a diverse spectrum of academic and cultural programming and offers many enriching academic programs in fall 2012.

Academy for Lifelong Learning is inspired by the belief that “a curious mind never retires.”

Programs include traditional liberal arts and sciences topics with an emphasis on interdisciplinary exploration. Class sessions will utilize formats that encourage discussion and exchange of knowledge. Day-long excursions will engage participants in the arts, sciences or other academic and cultural topics while exploring an interesting new place. Lifelong Learning courses are geared towards “fun” learning, and do not follow the traditional exam/homework format.

The length of each program can vary from one day to six weeks. Upcoming courses include:

Upcoming excursions include:

While A.L.L. membership is encouraged, it is not required. Fee rates apply for all courses and excursions and vary depending on membership and length of program. Membership benefits include a 20 to 25 percent discount on program fees, discounted admission to Western’s Performing Arts Center events, privilege at Western’s Wilson Library, a voice in A.L.L. management and program production and much more.

For more information or to read about the many other A.L.L. offerings, visit www.wwu.edu/all  or call (360) 650-3717.

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