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Western Today for Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011

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These renderings show how Do Ho Suh's installation will look hanging in the Academic Instructional Center West at WWU.

Internationally renowned artist Do Ho Suh’s artwork “Cause & Effect” has been commissioned for the Academic Instructional Center West building at Western Washington University.

The first phase of the installation will begin mid-December. Access to AIC West will be limited from Dec. 12 to 30 while the sculpture's support structure is installed.

The ceiling installation will be approximately 19 feet high and 8 feet across at its greatest width. As it hangs down from the ceiling of the AIC West building, it will pass through the opening or well on the third floor and extend into the second floor’s well, taking advantage of the building’s architectural design allowing light to pass from floor to floor. At the top there will be a stainless steel plate – from which will hang the individual strands of figures connected by a stainless steel cable; each figure, made of colored acrylic resin, is approximately 5.5 inches high with a frontal view width of 3 inches.


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