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DATE: April 19, 2011 2:52:12 AM PDT
Develop Your Ecology Research Skills in Southeast Oregon This Summer at WWU

Contact: Roger Anderson, WWU professor of Biology, Roger.Anderson@wwu.edu or (360) 650-3992.

BELLINGHAM – Western Washington University’s faculty-led Biology research program takes place June 15 through July 27, with a field trip to Oregon from June 23 to July 15.

Participate in two concurrent field research courses, “Ecological Methods” and “Research in Reptile Ecology,” in the Great Basin desert of southeast Oregon, and earn 12 credits. As a student in the biological sciences you are warmly welcomed regardless of your major.

During the courses, you will deepen and diversify your research skills and abilities while gaining valuable hands-on field experience. Students will work in a fun teamwork environment, with attentive faculty support. 

Participants will experience the theory and practice of scientific research by:

Strengthening your resume with a field research course experience is attractive to graduate programs and employers. Your fieldwork may be the basis for presentation of posters and talks at scientific meetings and may generate the data for publication to enhance your career opportunities even further.

For more information, visit the Web site http://fire.biol.wwu.edu/anderson/index.html or contact Roger Anderson, WWU professor of Biology, at Roger.Anderson@wwu.edu.

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