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DATE: April 7, 2011 1:30:07 PM PDT
WWU's Shannon Point Marine Center Establishes a Summer Internship for the Arts

Contact: Steve Sulkin, director, Shannon Point Marine Center, (360) 650-7400 or steve.sulkin@wwu.edu

ANACORTES – As part of its nationally recognized summer program of study in the marine sciences, Western Washington University’s Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC) has established a summer internship to be awarded to a WWU arts major. 

The student intern will be in residence at the marine center located in Anacortes, Wash., from late June through August. According to SPMC Director Stephen Sulkin, while SPMC has operated undergraduate research programs in the marine sciences for more than 20 years, this is the first time that support has been provided to bring the arts to the program.  It is anticipated that the student intern, in association with a faculty adviser, will be stimulated by the activities at SPMC and the marine environment to apply his or her artistic talents to whatever medium is appropriate.

“While the connection between the arts and marine science may seem unusual, we believe there is a relationship between the marine environment and the arts that has not been fully explored,” said Sulkin, adding that inclusion of the arts in the SPMC summer program should assist the science students in the increasingly important activity of translating their science effectively to a broader audience. 

 At the conclusion of the summer program, the intern will provide a showing of the results of the project coincident with the presentations made by the 11 other summer interns who will be engaging in marine research.

The internship will include a $4500 stipend plus food allowance, housing in the SPMC dorm facilities, and funds to support the student’s project.  The faculty supervisor from WWU’s College of Fine & Performing Arts (CFPA) will also receive a small stipend.

“We are really looking forward to exploring this new avenue for creative interactions among the scientists and artists of the future and are pleased to be taking this initiative in collaboration with WWU’s CFPA,” Sulkin said.

Application procedures can be accessed at www.wwu.edu/spmc/spmsarts.shtml.  More about SPMC’s programs and facilities can be accessed at www.wwu.edu/spmc

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