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DATE: March 15, 2011 5:13:55 PM PDT
WWU's 'Grandparents U' Summer Program Brings Generations Together

Contact:  Diana Bakkom, WWU Extended Education and Summer Programs, (360) 650-6821 or diana.bakkom@wwu.edu

BELLINGHAM ­ – Western Washington University is offering its popular summer program, “Grandparents U,” again this year; the two-day intergenerational program invites grandparents and grandchildren, ages 7-14, to participate in an on-campus educational experience July 14-15.

Participants are given a choice of several intriguing academic topics to explore together. The topics span a variety of natural fronts – sea, sky, water erosion, and bones – as well as introducing participants to the wonders of plastics engineering and chemistry behind the visual phenomena of everyday life, and for those seeking creative arts, there is a theatre workshop that focuses on acting.

The following list contains the course topics available for this summer’s “Grandparents U” program:

Whether participants are new to “Grandparents U,” a WWU Alumni, or are returning for more fun, each class provides opportunities for learning, sharing, and creating lifelong memories. Visiting Western’s campus during the summer presents a gorgeous backdrop to any activity, and it opens up the residence halls to program participants for a glimpse of campus living.

“Grandparents U” is offered in partnership between WWU Extended Education and Summer Programs and the WWU Alumni Association. WWU Alumni members receive a $25 discount.  

Early registration is encouraged to reserve your favorite topic. Visit the website for details at www.wwu.edu/grandparentsu or call (360) 650-3308.

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